User-Friendly, Family-Friendly Cookbook

Just to start off…I’m not being paid a cent to write this post – I just love this book THAT much!!!!

As a stay at home mom I try my darnedest to make a good meal for my family at least 4-5 times out of the week.  Back in the day when we didn’t have a child and I was working (remember how I used to be a teacher?) we probably cooked 3-4 times per week and the other nights we scrounged around for some leftovers, or I would make a quick batch of pancakes for dinner (yum!).

But, now that baby boy is not a baby anymore and is eating like a horse, I can’t get away with not having a plan for dinner.  Sure there are some nights where I wing it, but for the most part there is a new meal being cooked almost every night (leftovers only get us so far between leftover lunches and my husband’s work lunch).  Ugh I know.

I have found myself cooking much healthier meals that include a lot more food groups now that I’m serving 3, and I actually really care what goes into one of those mouths!  I often visited for tons of family friendly recipes that I knew were healthy.  But now she has a book!!!

family friendly cookbook

I received this book for my birthday and I probably cook 1-2 recipes out of it each week.  I love that there are pictures of most of the recipes, as I have a hard time envisioning it without a photo for some reason.  One of baby boy’s favorite recipes is couscous for breakfast, which I actually wrote a post about, AND it is one of my top visited pages.

So, seriously get this book!  You will thank me!  Well, you’ll probably thank the author Catherine McCord MORE than me, but you get the idea (smile).

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