Using a Magic Bullet to Make Baby Food

Making homemade baby food seemed daunting at the beginning, but once I got into the flow of it…super easy!  Especially with the right tools…a girl needs her tools, right?!?  Just too bad they aren’t pink or purple (like my mixer!)….

When I began making my son’s food I invested in a Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker – best thing!  You can steam and puree about 6-10 servings of food in the same machine.  It is simple to assemble and clean.  It worked very well for my son from 5 months to about 10 months because I was primarily giving him servings of a single item, or a few mixed together.  Example: Sweet potatoes & green beans, peaches & pears, etc.

beaba babycook

After 10 months I started making more finger foods and meals for baby boy.  Instead of cooking all his fruits and veggies ahead of time, freezing and then thawing and mixing when dinner time was here, I started to cook them with our meals each day before dinner time.  Often he will eat what we are eating, just ground up a bit.  He would then work off of leftovers for a few days from the fridge (read about storage safety tips).

Using the Beaba Babycook is wonderful when making big portions that you will freeze and thaw later, but for individual meals, it is too much to wash each day.  That’s where the Magic Bullet Mixer comes in! I purchased a Magic Bullet for myself even before I was pregnant and loved making smoothies (see and example here!).  Now it is awesome for grinding up my son’s dinners.

Magic Bullet for making baby food

Baby boy only has 6 teeth so he is all about “gumming” his meals.  Because he still needs some foods pureed,  such as chicken or other thicker veggies, I will mix him up a dinner (usually a grain, meat, & veggie mixed together) in the Magic Bullet just until a smoother texture is reached.

Here’s the low down:

  • add ingredients into Bullet
  • add breast milk, water, or formula
  • mix until desired consistency (my son will eat them pretty thick and textured)
  • spoon into a bowl
  • wash only 3 parts of Bullet (blade, rubber ring, mixing bowl)

I could keep adding breast milk, water, or formula to get a thin texture, but at his age he can handle a thicker puree.

Hand washing the Bullet is easy peasy also because there is only the blade and the cup that need to be washed.  Every other day or so I take off the rubber ring and wash it also, especially if I have ground up something with seeds, like strawberries.

Momma loves her Magic Bullet!!!

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