5 Ways Songs Help Us Survive

To say that P-buddy loves music in an understatement. He is OBSESSED with music.

Every week our little family heads to music class together.  It is a special music class for children 0-5 that uses Music Together songs.  We sing songs, play musical instruments, and explore all kinds of rhythms.  It’s hard to explain to others, but I usually say that it isn’t just a “Wheels on the Bus” class.  It is more musicalIt really is wonderful and P-buddy had taken to it and feels so comfortable in that classroom.  So comfortable in fact that he tends to back his booty up into the laps of other Moms and the teacher. We are all one big happy musical family in there!

Using songs with toddlers

Because of these classes P-buddy has really grown to L-O-V-E music.  With the classes come CD’s of the music to listen to at home or in the car. And boy, oh boy, do we listen to those discs.  I am surprised they still work sometimes!

Seeing that he is just a bit obsessed with those songs they make a regular appearance wherever we may be, and whomever we may be with!

5 Ways Songs Help Us Survive Our Day

  1. Meal time. P-buddy is a toddler.  Period. He will ask for things during a meal that we don’t understand or didn’t know even existed. Playing our CD’s as some background dinner music helps us all calm down and enjoy the food together.
  2. Car rides. This is a duh moment. EVERY parent uses music in the car to help with those longer than comfortable car rides. P-buddy has his favorite songs though and will often “sing” a “note” constantly until we get the picture that he wants the song changed.  I do often try to sneak in a few Mommy songs when I can.
  3. Grocery trips. My tech savvy husband (remember that awesome guy?) put all the songs onto my phone. When we hit about the 2/3 mark in our shopping trip I whip that phone out and play our music as loud as I need to.  P-buddy enjoys holding the phone and flipping back and forth between songs – whatever works right?
  4. Diaper changes. Yes, singing any song, even if it’s made up, is a great distraction to help keep the wiggles at bay.
  5. Down time. As much as I hear the same songs every day, it really is a favorite of mine to sit and rock with my baby boy and listen to some music (smile). He also enjoys sitting in the big boy chair and “watching” the songs play on Windows Media Player. I usually use this time to clean up from a meal!

If you are interested in trying out some awesome children’s music that is different than your normal run of the mill songs, try these CD’s!


How do you use songs throughout your day?


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