Water Play for Babies

Not sure if this is normal, but my baby boy LOVES to be naked.  He giggles, flails his arms and legs, and goes crazy when we change him or get him ready for a bath.  So I thought why not let him play in just his diaper?  Enter: water play!

A baby uses their 5 senses like crazy to learn about the world around them (remember my sensory bottles?), and the more they use them the better they get at it!  Water play is a great way for them to use their sense of touch & sight AND cause/effect (“so the water goes everywhere when I splash?”).

I set up a storage container with some warm water in it.  We added some floating ducks and Easter eggs (from our fun Easter basket).  It’s not quite yet warm enough in MI to play outside in just his diaper, so I set up a towel on the kitchen floor.  Worked well!  

He loved dunking the ducks under the water and then sucking on them (bonus: it wasn’t his dirty bath water that he likes to do that in).  And hey, it took up about 15 minutes of play time!  That’s what I call a success (smile).  Need some more baby playtime ideas <—–click there!

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