What to Expect Book Review and Giveaway!

Ahh motherhood…a mix of emotions right from the get go!  Moments of bliss, followed the next minute by frustration, & always backed up with guilt and worry.  Giving birth to that little one is the best thing in the world, but often the hardest at the same time.

I have always been a worrier, even when I was a little girl.  I KNEW that my worries were small compared to what they would be like as a mother.  I feel now, for the most part, that I have them under check.  Those first few months after having baby boy though, whew….worry city!

I found myself reaching out to anything and anyone that would help ease my fears and calm me down so that I could go to sleep assured that everything would be OK.  I joined an online birth group, called friends, talked to my hubby, and so much more.

One thing that helped me that I never thought would, was baby books.  Reading that some of my baby’s troubles were normal, and in fact expected, what???  Ahhh, calming thoughts.  I found the What to Expect Series was the BEST series of books that I could own that would help me calm those fears and worries that every Mother goes through.

what to expect giveaway

After thinking about it, my worries really were in three phases (yes I’m worrying about my worries).  Each of the What to Expect Books (What to Expect When You’re Expecting, What to Expect the First Year, & What to Expect the Second Year) helped me immensely because I could go to them, find a section on the issue I was having and gain some sort of control through knowledge and what my next step should, and would be.

Phase 1 Worries: I’m pregnant and every symptom means trouble

what to expect book giveawayYou know it.  My big toe aches…must be something wrong with my pregnancy.  Most times the symptoms we have as pregnant ladies are normal and OK.  I found the month by month descriptions in What to Expect When You’re Expecting to be an awesome guide as to what was normal and what was not.  If I was having an issue, I would usually head to that book first, flip to the index, and find all the places in the book where it was discussed.  I could easily find out if I needed to relax, or give the DR a ring.

I also loved the first book in the series because it told me what was developing on my baby, how big he/she was, and changes that I would feel that month.  I made myself only read the week that I was in because I wanted to be surprised the next week!  *Usually didn’t work*

Phase 2 Worries: I have a baby that I don’t know what to do with

what to expect book giveawayThe 2nd book in the series, What To Expect the First Year, helped me many, many, many times navigate my newborn son.  I often consulted it for information about how to bathe my son, when (and with what kind of food) to start solids, what baby bodily functions were normal, and how to take a temperature & when to call the DR.  Again I used the index like no other index before.  My worries about how to take care of my new bundle were calmed with just a bit of reading – knowledge is power right??

Phase 3 Worries: My baby isn’t doing that yet??  Ahhh the milestones…

what to expect book giveawayThe single one thing I love the most about What to Expect the Second Year is the month by month breakdown at the beginning of the book about what milestones your child should be meeting and when.  Ta-da!  Worth it right there.  After baby boy turned a year old, it’s all about the “is he doing this when he should be doing it” phase.  Again, What to Expect has laid it all out for me so that I know when he should be meeting a milestone and when I should mention it to his doctor if he is not.  This book (unlike the others) is not broken down month by month (except with the milestones), and is instead categorized by topics such as feeding, sleeping, behavior, etc.  Pretty much chapters broken down into things I worry about! It’s easy peasy to figure out what I am looking for and get some quick tips on what’s going on with my little guy and what I can do to help.

Do yourself a favor and READ THESE BOOKS!  Hey, and look at that.  I made it easy for you by hosting a giveaway of the What to Expect books.

Even if you have them, enter anyways because you know that there is someone out there that you could give them to!

Enter below and 2 winners will be selected to recieve all 3 books (What to Expect When You’re Expecting, …the First Year, & …the Second Year).  Awesome sauce. 
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