What’s For Breakfast: Toddler Style!

Is anyone in that toddler food slump lately?  I’ve been feeling it big time lately over here!  “What’s for breakfast?  Anyone?  Anyone?”

Lately P-buddy and I have been out and about in the mornings: gym, playgroup (remember my awesome Moms group?), doctors, appointments…massages…spa days…sleeping in – oh wait I think I got off track.  Basically we are up and about by 8:30 and out the door by 9:30, so I usually plan what I’m giving P-buddy for breakfast the night before and set out what I can.  I do that for two reasons:

1) I’m anal and like to be organized

2) It lets me get the morning routine done in as little possible time needed therefore letting me sleep in until the last possible minute.

Lately it has seemed that I have been doing the same 2 breakfasts over and over.  So to kick MY butt in gear I thought I would share with YOU some ideas for breakfast toddler style.

Toddler Breakfast Ideas

Toddler Breakfast Ideas

  1. Oatmeal: Yep it’s pretty basic but provides some yummy grains to start the day off right and I find that it helps ME feel full for a while, so I’m assuming, and hoping it fills P-buddy up for a while.
  2. O’s.  Cheerios are a favorite around here!  I buy the off brand because it’s cheaper and P-buddy loves them so much he could care less that how much I spent on them.  And I love serving these because he’s getting really good and scooping them onto the spoon on his own!
  3. Oatmeal muffins: These muffins from Sugar-Free Mom have been a big hit and are super easy to cook up a batch and freeze.  This is one of the breakfasts that I serve when we need to be out the door at a certain time no matter what (doctor appt.) because they are gobbled up FAST!
  4. Veggie muffins: I haven’t done these in a while but they were just as big of a hit as the oatmeal muffins.
  5. “Healthy” pancakes: I for sure have been known to whip up a batch of bisquick pancakes, but if I’m feeling ambitious these make a good freezer batch also. Some warmed blueberries taste good on top also!
  6. Couscous: This is a FAVORITE of P-buddy’s. It kinda tastes like oatmeal but is messier (lovely huh?).  I always feel good about cooking this because it seriously takes 5 minutes and is super duper easy, but feels healthy and good (smile).
  7. Yogurt:  We have been loving the plain greek yogurt mixed with all kinds of goodness.
  8. English muffin: This is a food I serve on a laid back morning, because those toddler bites are oh so tiny and take oh so long.
  9. Fruit and cottage cheese:  This yummy combo is usually paired with any of the other breakfast foods because this toddler eats A LOT.
  10. Any Weelicious recipe: This lady has all kinds of good breakfast ideas!
Well, now that I look at my list I’m not sure why I feel like I’m out of ideas! I guess I need to start taking my own advice.
For more fun Spoon Fed Baby lists, click on the picture below!

What are some of your favorite breakfast toddler foods?


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