What’s For Lunch – Toddler Style!

Last week I was in a food slump.  I felt like I was serving the same thing, for breakfast specifically, over and over and over (and over).  SO I wrote a post about breakfast options for toddlers, and what do you know, I already had some rockin ideas to get me out of my samo samo funk.

Click the picture to see some of our breakfast foods!

In carrying on the tradition (1 week tradition) I am sharing with you today some of our favorite food options for lunch.  I feel like there are TONS more ideas for lunch than breakfast so I may be adding to this list! I must admit though that the majority of our lunches usually come from leftover dinners from that week.  They make the best lunches!

Lunch Ideas for Toddlers

Lunch foods for toddlers

    1. Fruit:  Pretty basic.  P-buddy gets a fruit with every lunch (and breakfast, and sometimes dinners), so I try to change it up each day.  He of course has his favorite fruits that he could eat all day!
    2. Veggie: The same goes with the veggie.  I give him one with lunch and with dinner each day.  Read about his favorite veggies here, but I must say that lately carrots and squash rank WAY up there! The veggies are usually left over from a previous dinner that week. I will often mix some couscous or rice in with the veggie to get some grains into the meal.
    3. Yogurt: It was on the breakfast list and it made it on the lunch list too!  With the right yogurt mix in’s it can be demolished in no time.
    4. Grilled cheese: A staple in any toddler’s house!
    5. Sunflower butter: A friend of mine clued me into this, and it’s awesome! Before your little one can have peanut butter it can be spread on bread or a pita to give a bit of protein punch to lunch.  I found it at the store next to the peanut butters.  Just remember to refrigerate it.
    6. Pita with lunch meat: P-buddy is sick right now, so this is NOT a favorite but when he’s healthy some lunch meat torn up on a flat bread piece with melted cheese over it is a fun choice.
    7. Leftovers: Um, we have this for lunch A LOT!  It might be some leftover pasta shells, stuffed green pepper, or ham and bean soup.  Whatever is easiest to warm up is what ends up on the plate!
    8. Crackers and hummus: The small bite size wheat crackers seem to work well with some hummus spread over them.

What are some of your child’s favorite lunches?

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