Why My Husband is Awesome

My hubby and I just celebrated our 7th year anniversary early this month.  It seems CRAZY to think that we have been married 7 years.  You just get into the swing of things and time passes too fast.  To get even crazier, we have been together for 10 years…holy moly.  A decade??

We knew “of” each other (sort of) in college.  Basically I knew of him, because I would go to his parties.  Classy huh?  We then met each other in Miami on spring break.  About a month later, back up in Michigan, we started dating and the rest is history (I couldn’t help my self but use that cliche).  And now we have one little perfect boy…couldn’t ask for much more!

On our 7 year anniversary I thought I would list a few reasons why my husband is so awesome sauce (smile)

list of things my husband does for me

  • He puts up with me!  I am at times not the easiest person to be around…mood swings and all.  But he is so patient and calm when I’m “crabby”.
  • He’s a hard worker.  He has worked hard his whole life to be where he is now, and he continues to do that so I can be home with our little guy.  He does his job well and is always looking to improve.
  • He’s funny.  We are two pretty silly people.  I love it though.  Seriousness if for the birds.
  • He’s a family guy.  I asked him what he wanted to do for Father’s Day: have a day to himself to do whatever you want, or be with our little family?  He answered without hesitation that he wanted to be with baby boy and myself.  What a guy!
  • He asks: What do you need help with?  Seriously!  Granted I probably give major clues as to the fact that I am stressed out, but he still kindly asks (smile)
  • He loves his son.  I have not seen him smile so brightly as when he is playing with our little guy.  He is so patient with him and loves just being down on the floor being silly with him.
  • He loves me.  He sacrifices so much and is so easy going just to make me happy.  I don’t know how or why he does it, but it makes me misty eyed!

Happy Anniversary hubby!  We are a great team and work wonderfully together.  Love you!

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