Window Blind Strings JUST Out of Reach

I’m back!  Oh wait you already knew that didn’t you?  Well because I have not been in the blogging flow for a while and I need to learn how to hop back in (kinda like wearing snow boots for the first time each season), I thought I would write an easy post today.

Easy does it right?  So when I started baby proofing the house for our brand new walker (he is now almost 18 months, but started walking at 15 months), I started looking into gizmo’s and gadgets that would keep the window blind strings up and away from the floor.  Most blinds do not have a string that forms a loop at the end anymore because of strangulation risks, but I didn’t want to take a chance with even the single strings.  I figure the more that is baby proofed the less stressed I feel when (heaven forbid) I might be in a different room than baby boy.

I wasn’t happy with anything I found online for coiling up the strings that was easy use as well.  But then I had a brain storm!  Seriously, these don’t happen very often, and I’m SURE others have thought of this, but hey I was excited!!!!

3M HOOKS!!!!!!

Ta-da!  I just stuck one on the middle molding of the window and on the side of the window under the curtains, and draped the extra strings over the hook.  Ummm genius on my part if I do say so myself.  And I do say so.

baby proofing blind strings

They sell the clear hooks that are perfect for this because it doesn’t stand out like the white ones and pretty much blends in with your wall or molding.

Rest assured I am not writing this for 3M’s sake…I just really love their hooks and found an awesome way to clip up those blind strings.

Easy things are my friends.  That sounds weird…don’t take it the wrong way.  Get some hooks yourself (smile)

Have you found any easy shortcuts when baby proofing?


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