Winter Foam Bath Fun

Bath time is quickly becoming one of baby boy’s favorite times of the day.  Actually I should say that any time we play with water he L-O-V-E-S it.  Seriously.  He stood on a stool for 25 minutes and played in soapy water “washing” the dishes a few days ago.  What a good little helper (smile).

Because he has a mini crush on bath time, I have tried to come up with some fun, new ways to play in the tub.  I really can’t get enough of him when he’s taking a bath.  There is just something about his wet eyelashes that gets me every time! Click here to swoon over some bath time photos.

In the past we have broken out the cool whip and ate our way through bath time, turned out the lights and glowed while we washed, and lately we have been playing with our new found friend in the bath: Craft Foam!!

Craft foam snowman for the tub!

I have seen many, many bath time play ideas on Pinterest.  When trying something new I like to try the easiest thing first to see if it is successful before creating anything more elaborate.  So the craft foam bath fun seemed like an easy place to start!

All you have to do is:

  • buy some fun craft foam shapes (or buy a sheet and cut out something fun)
  • get them wet
  • and stick them to the walls! 
TA-DA!  Easiest thing ever.  I first went out and bought some of the pre-cut shapes (cute little feet) and when I decided that it was a hit with baby boy, I got a little more creative and created a snowman out of craft foam.  He knows what the parts are to the snowman, but of course is a little more abstract when assembling him.
Craft foam snowman for the tub!
Craft foam snowman for the tub!
Craft foam snowman for the tub!

Recently we decorated the tub with some Valentine hearts, and who knows maybe March we will find a Pot of Gold in our bath water???

Do you have any popular play ideas for bath time?

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