Zucchini Baby Food

Baby boy is growing up, but I am loving this age when it comes to food!  Well, and that he is just so funny, animated, and cute, but you already know that!  But as far as food goes, I am able to really get into new and interesting foods with baby boy.  The more foods I introduce to him, the more combinations I have when making baby meals, especially at dinner time.  I serve him lots of finger foods, but will still spoon feed him some meals, either because they are to squashy, or just too messy!

A new favorite veggie is zucchini.  It cooks up so soft and mushy and makes a great finger food for little fingers to grab onto.

Zucchini Baby Food

  • Buy the zucchini.  Zucchini is not listed as a dirty dozen food, so organic is not necessary if you choose not to.  I try for ones that are nice and green but still firm.
  • Cut and peel.  I cut the zucchini into small bits to put into the steamer.  That way you can either puree for younger babies or freeze in the small bits for older babies.  I chose to slice just a bit of the peel off, but it is up to you.  Older babies should be able to digest the peel without it upsetting their tummies.zucchini baby food
  • Steam the zucchini.  I used my Beaba Babycook to steam the veggies.  You can fit a pretty big amount in, so it will last you a while.  It’s my fave!zucchini baby food
  • Puree or chop.  As I said before you can puree it into a soft mush for spoon feeding, or you can leave it in chunks for older babies.
  • Freeze.  Because baby boy is over 10 months I have been freezing vegetables in chunks so that when I thaw them they are ready to be picked up by those cute little fingers!

I have been enjoying using zucchini in meals, especially with squash, pasta, and couscous.  Leave it in chunks in the meal, or blend it up a bit using a Magic Bullet (great for blending single serving size meals).


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