Bubbly Baking Soda

Summer is here!!!! P-buddy’s playroom is downstairs in our finished basement and is starting to grow cobwebs!!! We seriously have not been down there in a good two weeks because the weather has finally been nice and we have been spending most of our days at the park or in our backyard swinging. Doesn’t get much better than that huh?

BUT it does rain outside and we need something to capture our attention downstairs (besides the ever popular animal magnets). I have seen posts about baking soda and vinegar everywhere on line. I even remember playing with it when I was little. So naturally we had to try it!

Bubbly Baking Soda Play

Bubbly baking soda

    • spread some baking soda in a plastic container with small sides
    • place a few drops of food coloringin random spots
    • using a condiment dispenser (wal-mart!) filled with vinegar squirt the liquid onto the baking soda
    • watch the colors explode into bubbly fun!!

Bubbly baking soda

Bubbly baking soda

P-buddy has really been into squirting things from containers. He’s all about blopping dots of paint onto a paper from the bottle. I knew that he would like squeezing the vinegar out, and that the bubbly colors would be an added bonus! It was extra fun on our light table. *Obviously watch little fingers so that they don’t try to eat it! Yuck!

Great for a rainy day when it’s just to yucky to be outside!

How do you play with baking soda and vinegar?


Alternative to Peanut Butter!

Hello bloggy world! How have you been??? I’ve been busy!!!!

We just got back from a vacation down south (car ride with a baby was successful!) where we spent all week visiting with family/friends, white water rafting, zip lining, swinging at parks, and lot of other vacation goodness!

And apparently when I go on vacation, Spoon Fed Baby takes a hurting. I neglected all of you all!!! Sorry for that. Moving on!

I have not posted about food lately, and seeing that is what the theme of this blog is about – let’s get back to the basics!

I have posted before about my son’s obsession with bread. It is one of the only things that will get him out of the toddler swing and inside the house to eat. Instead of going for the straight sandwich every day, I try to change things up with flat bread and many various toppings. He loves jelly, and what goes with jelly? Peanut Butter!!  BUT alas, he is not two yet, and it’s a no no according to my pediatrician.

SO, I found a great alternative that gives P-buddy some protein in his diet, and is a good partner for jelly!!

Sunflower Butter!

Allergy free peanut butter

I found it at the supermarket in the aisle with the peanut butter. It is obviously made from sunflower seeds. If you are looking for the exact same taste as peanut butter, this isn’t it, but the flavor is good, and what 2 (or under) year old is even going to know what PB takes like??

It does have to be refrigerated and needs a bit of stirring before spreading it, but P-buddy loves it!!

That I call a win!

Swinging into Spring!

Toddler swing

That is the cheesiest title of a blog post ever if you ask me! Ha!

So I have witnessed a phenomenon around here lately. Mom’s with toddlers are having a mass exodus into the great outdoors!!!

Sure, all families love when spring is here and the days start warming up enough to go outside and

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My “Yes!” Moments

Saying yes to a toddler

I am trying really hard at this parenting thing. Really hard.

Toddlers are their own breed of humans. I have heard them referred to as mini cave men before – and yep that’s about right! They have feelings (often very strong), emotions, needs, wants, all wrapped up into a brain that doesn’t quite understand how

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A Dollar Store Bath

Dollar Store bath toys

I never really knew the gold mine that is the Dollar Tree until my baby turned into a toddler. I make a trip over there about every two weeks and pick up some new play toys for not very much money!

I’m in love with their food storage containers that I have used to store

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“Cheese??” Baby Photo Outtakes

Baby Photo Outtakes

Hi my name is Sarah and I’m addicted to taking photos of my baby. Who knew that as a parent you could think that each and every one of the 200 photos snapped in one month to month photo sitting are cute and different than the previous one. “Oh look! Now he’s looking over to

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DIY Felt Board

DIY Felt Board

I go through spurts of DIY-ness (is that a word?). I was on a pretty good roll around the time of my DIY light table, and then well life happened and I pretty much bought what I needed. Ha!

Lately though I have been channeling my inner HGTV and trying out some home projects. The

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How Steak and Shake Saved the Day

date night after kids

Yes, Steak and Shake saved the day! You didn’t know that they served up more than steaks and shakes did you?

So background info would be helpful huh?

A friend of mine, at Bunco (one of my keeping my sanity nights) recently shared with me how her and her hubby set aside a “date night”

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Wordless Wednesday – Yes You Can!


This week has been all kinds of crazy over here!

Easter and all it’s cuteness and family time was overshadowed by a yucky, yucky, yucky stomach bug that plagued P-buddy for the better part of 4 days. Germs: go away!!!! My parents are coming back from FL (yay!) and we are celebrating hubby’s birthday here

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5 Ways Songs Help Us Survive

Using songs with toddlers

To say that P-buddy loves music in an understatement. He is OBSESSED with music.

Every week our little family heads to music class together. It is a special music class for children 0-5 that uses Music Together songs. We sing songs, play musical instruments, and explore all kinds of rhythms. It’s hard to explain to

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