A Dollar Store Bath

I never really knew the gold mine that is the Dollar Tree until my baby turned into a toddler.  I make a trip over there about every two weeks and pick up some new play toys for not very much money!

I’m in love with their food storage containers that I have used to store our colored rice, feathers, rocks, sensory bin materials, and art stuff in our playroom. I also find lots of little doo-dads (it’s a word) that are seasonal and go with the holiday coming up.

Usually I head over to the Dollar Tree without a plan and just pick up a few things here and there. This time though I went searching out things for dumping and pouring. P-buddy has shown a great interest lately in pouring something into another container (remember the fall corn pit?). He especially likes to do this with water – and obviously bath time!

Dollar Store bath toys

And of course the Dollar Tree delivered with these great finds for a fun pouring and dumping bath time!

Dollar Store bath toys

During his bath P-buddy and I get lots of opportunities to talk about:

  • full/empty
  • pour
  • high/low
  • tip
  • into/out of
  • scoop

What great finds have you scored at the Dollar Store?

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