Baby Activity Board

I hope, *really hope* that I will be one of those Mother’s that tries to foster their child’s interests….you know, build on what they like, and incorporate learning into it yackety shmakety.

  • Baby boy loved him some water bottles so I came up with water sensory bottles.
  • He gets a kick out of ripping things, so now he has a basket of “rip-able” magazines.
  • He dies over water, so we came up with some water play.

You get the drill!

Starting at oh, about 8 months or so, baby boy could not get enough of wheels.  Every pull toy, truck, or push toy that had wheels became his obsession.  We visited the Cincinnati aquarium and he could have sat on the floor and played with the stroller wheels until closing time.

So, the hubby and I went off to Lowe’s one weekend in an attempt to buy things and make our son a wheel activity board!  It morphed into more than just wheels, but it’s still pretty awesome.

We keep adding things to it also as he gets older and is able to  grip things better (improving his pincer grasp is my latest Mom obsession).

All you need for the base is some particle board or any square peice of wood.  Put bumpers on the edge, screw/attach things, on and voila!  Instant activity board!

Baby Activity Board

baby activity board

baby activity board

baby activity board

Raising Bean
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