Cool Whip Sensory Bath

I am falling in love with the bathtub.  

Not for a quick bubble bath escape to save my sanity, or a long awaited hot shower, but more for making baby messes with easy clean up!

Baby boy takes a bath every other day, unless he gets way dirty of course, so on his bath day I will try to plan something fun and messy for him!  We have made homemade finger paints, painted with colored pudding, got wet and grassy in the sprinkler, and lots of other fun messy stuff.  Usually it is the “non-toys” that prove to be the most fun!

Some of it we do right in the tub and other times we will be outside or have baby boy in his highchair.  We then carry him at an arm’s length right into the tub (smile).

I was inspired by Play at Home Mom’s to do some cool whip play and I am so glad I did! I wanted something that would be OK if baby boy ate it, because, well, he tries to eat everything (lately it has been my hair…)!

  • Grab some containers to hold the cool whip (a muffin tin would be neat)
  • Plop cool whip in each container
  • Add a bit of food color to each bowl and mix

This is a great activity to talk about body parts (and then read your body part book!) because you can take some cool whip out with your finger or brush and “paint” it on their toes, knees, nose, hands, etc.

Do you need much more proof that this is a fun activity than this picture?

cool whip sensory bath

Haha!  Enjoy being messy and slimy with your little ones…it truly is fun!

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