Making Mommy September Challenge: DIY Light Box

Hey y’all, I’m Sarah.  For some reason I have had Paula Deen’s accent in my head.  OK, that’s out of my system now.

Welcome back to my Making Mommy Challenge!!  This month I decided to get to action and make some of those long lost pins that are growing dust over there on Pinterest.  You know the deal, you feel really productive because you are pinning a whole bunch of cool organizational pins, and then….nothing happens.  And you then actually feel less productive then when you started!

No more for this lady!  Or, well for this month at least (I have been pretty good lately though with my toddler activity board and all…).  Here is a run down of the projects for this month that I have planned so far (I’m still pinning away looking for a few more projects!)

  1. Making Mommy Monthly Challenge Intro: Pinterest Project
  2. DIY Light Box
  3. Body part toddler picture book

I took on the all mighty, all popular DIY light table this week.  I have been wanting to make one of these so this was just the kick in the pants I needed!

DIY Toddler Light Table

diy light table

I found this awesome idea on Pinterest for a light table from Child Central Station.  There are a lot of tutorials out there but this one seemed the most straightforward and easiest!!  Total it cost me about $38…not bad!


diy light table

  • Storage container: The long under bed ones without wheels work best.  If there is a ridge on the bottom around the edge, even better!
  • Under the cabinet light: I found mine at Lowe’s…make sure you are getting one that plugs in instead of a hard wire one.  Mine is a florescent light and I took the cover off so there was more direct light.
  • White spray paint
  • Silver metallic spray paint. A small can of both did the job for me.
  • Scrap paper
  • Painters tape
  • Masking tape


  • Take the lid off of the storage tote and tape the under cabinet light on.  I used masking tape on both light table
  • Tape on scrap paper on the bottom of the inside of the storage tote.  This is so when you spray paint the inside of the tote you won’t get paint on the bottom (which becomes the top of the table).diy light table
  • Spray a coat or two of white paint on the whole inside of the tote.  It took about 2 coats for me.
  • After those coats dry all the way spray a coat of silver metallic on the top.  Even after drying some of the silver seemed to come off on my finger (maybe because the plastic is so smooth?) but it will be on the inside so that’s light table
  • Put the tote upside down on top of the upside down lid.  Some tutorials say to drill a hole in the plastic for the cord to go through, but mine fit OK between the lid and the light table
  • Plug it in and ta-da!!!  Instant light table!

If you bought a tote with a ridge on the bottom it will help to keep things on the light table surface (like colored sand or salt, etc.)

I don’t have much for my light table yet, except some jewels from Michael’s (they are small so careful supervision is necessary), but I hope to make some shapes out of laminating tissue paper.

I am excited to use our light table with baby boy and hopefully it will be a hit for years to come!!

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