Top 10: Play Time With Baby

Do you ever wonder if babies get bored of all their little toys?  Really…we seem to throw the same old toys in front of our little one, and he plays with them like a good little boy, but I wonder if he is swearing at us in his head…”These (fill in the blank) toys again?!?!?”  It’s crazy though that the mini piano that plays the same tune over and over that he has been hearing since Day 1 still gets his attention!

To alleviate any possible boredom, I have tried changing it up in the play department, with a focus on homemade toys or fun sensory activities.  Check out my Play Away tab up over there in my handy dandy menu bar for some ideas (smile).Playtime ideas for babies under 12 months

Playtime Ideas for Babies Under 12 Months Old

  1. Toe Painting.  Seeing that babies are OBSESSED with putting things in their mouth, the finger painting will have to wait a bit…so why not paint with their toes?  Just dip their feet in some paint and let them step away on some big sheets of paper.
  2. Bubbles.  How can you go wrong with bubbles?  Plop them on a blanket outside, and let the bubble fascination begin.
  3. Pudding Bags.  A fun squishy touchy feeley activity.  Put some colored pudding in a bag and let them squish away. 
  4. Hide the Toy.  As babies get into their 8-9th month they start to develop object permanence (meaning: when they drop a toy they look for it!).  Cover up a favorite toy with a burp cloth or small blanket and let baby try to dig it out.
  5. Christmas Light Fort.  Build a fort and string some colored lights under it.  Baby will love to lay and stare at the lights.  And what adult doesn’t like building forts…come on…admit it.
  6. Sensory Bins.  This works for older babies who can sit up on their own.  Fun textured items can be put in a tub for baby to play with…but remember!  No small choking toys!  Also works great when made into a water play tub.
  7. Pots and Pans.  Oldest trick in the book.  Wooden spoon and pots make a wonderful drum set.
  8. Sensory Bottles.  Using old water bottles filled with shiny goodness, you little one will love to shake them and look at what’s inside.sensory bottles
  9. Family Picture Books.  Once your little one starts to recognize family members you can make a picture book out of photos and point and talk about each picture.  Good practice for saying names!  A first year card book can be just as entertaining!
  10. Egg Shakers.  Homemade rattles!  Put some fun sounding beans, rice, bells, etc. in a plastic egg, tape the egg shut, and shake.  You can make pairs of eggs that sound the same for a fun matching game.  Make sure the insides don’t come out though!

Any other ideas?  Please share them with me so I can be a fun cool mom…please?

Want to know what I can’t wait to do with my son when he grows up?  Read on my friends, read on.

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