Sink Sensory Play

I guested a while back at My Rural Mommy with this post…and well….I ran out of time to WRITE today so I’m cheating and using my guest post!  Enjoy!

Sigh.  We are right in the thick of the “let’s stay inside all day because it’s to darn cold outside” days.  Last year it wasn’t too big of a deal because baby boy was 4-6 months during the coldest time of the year up here in Michigan.  He was taking 3 naps each day and wasn’t crawling yet.  So basically our life revolved around toys on a blanket, the bouncer and his activity mat.  Sure I took him out, but if we didn’t go out it wasn’t that big of a deal.  We survived.

Welcome winter ’12-’13.  Baby boy is 18 months now, walking, climbing, playing, and yes, destroying.  The warm months were perfect because we got out of the house at least once each day.  Grocery shopping, play dates, playground time, walks down the road, you get the picture.  But now that winter is knocking at the door, I think twice about bundling up for the quick trip to pick up milk.  Granted, those little trips save my sanity some days, but it’s just a lot of extra work when it is cold.

SO I am welcoming with open arms, warm, interesting, engaging activities that keep baby boy busy for more than his standard 2-3 minutes.

Enter, the sink sensory bin.

Sink Sensory Play

Baby boy has always loved water (especially glowing baths!) and we used to do water play in a tub on the kitchen floor.  However now that he’s getting better at scooping, dumping, and throwing, the little towel under the container would not contain our mess.  The sink in the bathroom seems to do the trick though!

I used a stool and propped him up on it.  I sat behind him because even though he is walking, he’s not quite sure totally of his balance.  I armed myself with a towel to collect any splashes that made their way out of the sink.

I used some gems I found at Michael’s, sponges cut into shapes and some small cups the first time we tried the sensory sink and he absolutely loved it!  The second time we did a frog “theme” and included some green gems (frog eggs of course), and frogs of various sizes and shapes.

Sink Sensory Play

The possibilities really are endless with this activity and you can create ones that are unique to your child’s interests.  I must say that it was a hit, but the fact that it was right next to the light switch made it a HUGE hit.  Baby boy would splash, turn the lights out, splash, turn the fan on, and repeat it all over again.

Whatever keeps them happy right?? 

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