Top 10: Swaddle Love


     I am just going to come out and say it…here goes…..My Baby is a Good Sleeper.  Yikes.  I don’t like saying it out loud for fear of jinxing it and he will immediately start to scream and wake early from his nap.  I am looking at the monitor.  Still sleeping…whew! 

   Anyways, yes my husband and I have been blessed with a baby that has been a good napper from day 1.  I think God probably saw how unprepared we were and decided to give us a little break maybe?  Part of me knows that it is just the luck of the draw, but another part of me wants to thank the all holy swaddleThe swaddle is as important to us as water is to a fish.  It got us through some rough patches early on and also (I think) taught our son good sleeping habits.  So here is my Top Ten Tuesday reasons why we love the swaddle.   

  1. Swaddling, side, swinging, swooshing, and sucking was an instant peace maker for the first 5 weeks.  Check out the all holy “Happiest Baby on the Block book”.  
  2. It was an makeshift womb for baby boy right after he arrived in the world.
  3. After doing #1 we could put him in the crib awake and he learned to fall asleep on his own.
  4. It kept him warm at night.
  5. He looked so darn cute in it.
  6. It was easy to wean him from by swaddling with one arm out (looked kinda funny though!)
  7. Held those flailing arms in tight so he wouldn’t wake himself up. 
  8. When he did wake in the middle of he night he went back to sleep easily..again because of the arm thing from #7.
  9. It became a nap cue: when he was swaddled he knew it was sleepy time.
  10. Lastly who doesn’t love holding a sleeping, swaddled, sweet baby?


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