Water Sensory Bottles

A while back (as in, oh, maybe 5 months??) I made my little guy sensory bottles with random confetti, ribbon, shiny stuff, etc….they were a hit!  He loved shaking them and staring at the shiny insides.  Lately baby boy has shown an interest in water bottles.  When the hubby or I have one in our hands he loves to steal it (or we give it willingly…whatever) and hold it, turn it, roll it, shake it, and lick every inch of it.  In fact during our trip to Wrigley Field, the bottle of Pepsi was his toy of choice.

Being the ever so supportive mother I am (or at least I HOPE I am!), and following with his interests, I thought that I would make him some sensory bottles using water, baby oil, glitter, and fun floaty objects.  Check out my moment of craftiness below (they are usually few and far between):

water sensory bottles for babies

Water Sensory Bottles for Babies

  • Gather your materials.  You will need 2 (or however many you want!) washed 12 oz water bottles, hot glue gun, water, baby oil, food coloring, glitter & fun floaty things.water sensory bottles for babies
  • Add in water and baby oil.  I filled each bottle 2/3 full of water and added in enough baby oil to fill it up leaving a couple inches of air.  You want plenty of “dead space” to allow for the floating items to float!
  • Add in food coloring.  If you are making this with older kids, this part is fun to watch because the color doesn’t saturate the bottle until it hits the water.  Shaking it all up is fun too (smile).water sensory bottles for babies
  • Add in your fun!  I added in glitter, confetti, and some rubber balls from the dollar store.water sensory bottles for babies
  • Hot glue the lid on.  This would be a MESS if it came open, so glue it on nice and tight.  I found the best way to do that was to put glue on the top of the bottle itself and in the screw ridges.  Putting it inside the cap didn’t work for me as well.water sensory bottles for babies

These bottles are a big hit for baby boy.  He loves rolling them around on the kitchen floor, especially under the island (ha!).  My last DIY toy (squishy window bags) was not as big of a hit because seeing that they are stationary, and well my guy is on the MOVE, he would much rather roll things.   If you little one is not crawling yet they are perfect, but if the mobility has begun, go for the water sensory bottles!

water sensory bottles for babies


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